4 Latest Winter Shades To Make Your Wedding Flowers Classy


On your very special day, don’t you think your bouquets should be harmonized with your costumes! Of course. So why not in winter. Yes, it is natural that winter is not the season for flowers to bloom but some gorgeous options still stay alive in the winter. You can make your moments special by making adorable arrangements using winter flowers.


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Whites : Brides can capture the beauty of winter season with dramatic whites or pale hues which are a perfect choice for an elegant celebration. Due to the presence of ice and snowfall, wedding taken has an advantage with a white selection. As your bridesmaids, table clothes and other decorations are in white color, the white floral decoration adds the elegance.

If you don’t like pure white color, you can go for cream colored or pale colored flower which gives your occasion a spectacular look. A few popular white flower choices are Lenten roses, white anemones, orchids etc.

Reds : Winter weddings also allow red palette to add love and admiration at your wedding. One noticeable thing is, red is a catchy color to the human eye so it spreads attraction in your wedding. But make a note, inclusion of too much heavy shaded or too much red color may distract the guests. So it is suggested to use red color only at focal points and with a suitable combination.

You can use red color in the bride’s bouquets or as a centerpiece which can attract guests or also can be placed at groom’s table at the reception. You can choose red wedding flowers like carnations, roses, tulips and red anemones and so on.

Pinks : If you’re looking for a step ahead than white and red, the very next choice will be pinks. Pink flowers are well-known for a conveying feeling of tranquility and serenity. You can add the attraction by combining pink flowers with red and white which gives a vibrant look in your wedding. This gives diversification to the decoration and can make it like a fairy tale wedding.

You can find winter pink flowers like Waxflowers, pink roses, pink Asiatic, Daphne etc.

Silver : There are some varieties of flowers having grayish hues like Silver-Dollar, Silver Brunia and Dusty Millers to add fascination, all you need to do is, combine silver flowers with some white flowers mentioned above or another choice is, to use white flowers as filler ones like Gypsophilia. This will give charismatic look to your wedding decoration. However, flowers are the main weapon for making the special day memorable.

When anyone thinks to decorate bride’s wedding day, the mind usually suggests flowers. While in case of winter, you’ll have limited flowers to decorate. I know it’s tough to choose from limited options but all you can do is, make your wedding decoration adorable. As I have suggested, give it trendy and unique touch, by combining the available blooms.

For more, you can take advice from a local florist or also have some ideas from online websites to make your wedding arrangement classy. Above suggested all the colors are most popular and suitable for your winter wedding. Limited availability of flowers may destroy your mood but these categories of flowers can rejoice your wedding day. Have you marked? Each color indicates something as a flower. You can also choose some combinations to spread emotions in the ambiance.

Last but not the least, wedding day is your day. Winter or any other season couldn’t affect the special day. Because the solution is always there for any situation. Hope your problem will be solved by this post. Stay Blessed! Happy Wedding!

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