4 Reasons Why Children End Up In Foster Homes


It is sad to see that most of the kids in the world these days undergo neglect. In some worst cases, parents do abuse their children. Luckily, there are so many foster homes that are in the world these days that will help the kids to get a normal life.

Some people who love kids even take up this as a career. They earn good amount of money when they take good care of the kids.  

Lisa Witter from Perpetual Fostering (https://perpetualfostering.co.uk/) says that the factors for compensation are always changing. Foster carers are likely to receive much more than the minimum level of compensation each week.

Many people do not know how children get into foster homes. It is shocking to see that thousands of kids come to foster homes each year. There are various reasons why the court decides to send the children to foster homes. Here are some key reasons why the court decides to send them there.

  • Children Undergo Physical Abuse

One of the main reasons why children go to foster homes is the parents keep hitting their children. You can find bruises and injuries on them. They do not know how to discipline them using an alternate method, and hence, the court makes this decision. But the laws differ from country to country.

Somethings might be okay in one country or state and might be punishable in another.  Physical abuse does not only mean adults were hitting the children, but it also means they were locking the children in closed rooms or space for a long time. Law in most countries and states do not tolerate these things.

  • Children That Undergo Sexual Abuse

Now, this is a vast subject, and it can mean a lot of things. Making the children watch pornographic materials to fondling with their private parts or penetrating them can also mean sexual abuse. Children who are undergoing these things are quickly moved to foster care so that they can get a better life. Their biological parents or guardians can cause this type of abuse.

  • Children That Are Neglected

Neglect means a lot of things. Children that go through neglect do not get to eat good food or drink sufficient water.  They might be staying in an environment that is unclean and one that attracts various diseases. Though, it is quite a challenge to prove if a child did go through emotional abuse. The chances are high that they did go through it especially if they go through abuse physically or sexually.

  • Medical Neglect Is One Reason

Some parents do not take their children to the doctor because they are not thoughtful. Sometimes, it is because they believe in some strange religious beliefs. If parents neglect on these things, the court will decide to send the children to foster care so that they can get the best treatment.

These are some key reasons why most of the kids end up in foster care. But, these are not the only reasons why they end up coming/ there.

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