Accredited Test Labs In China


The accreditation bodies in China are many. It is advisable to get a lab test with a trusted and registered service provider with proper accreditation. This is one of the compliances for manufacturing, which you must follow in China.  

ROHS Testing in China

China Lab Testing includes ROHS (Restriction of (certain) Hazardous Substances). It must pass or ‘tested-OK’ for any electronic and electrical products manufactured in China. It is advisable for any manufacturer to check China ROHS hazardous substance table. You must also follow the China ROHS directive. If you are into a new venture, it is advisable to call an advisor and discuss your lab test needs. This is because; you must meet the ROHS labeling requirements in China. You must check what the latest in China ROHS 2018.

  • You can only supply those products, which are compiling ROHS of China.
  • You must check the international standards when you are going to export the manufactured electrical or electronic products.
  • The ROHS directives may differ with your importing nation.

It will be better to consult with a top audit firm, who are having laboratory-testing services.

Lab Test for Food Processing in China

Food processing is a major profitable business in China. The people who do this business do export their food products to other parts of this world. This can be raw materials or a processed food in a container, and in other permissible packs. A China Lab Testing is necessary for all in the food processing industry. This will test for its presence of toxicity. They test for any food cooking hazards. The food, which you are going to process, will undergo microbiological tests. They do test for the presence of acid and alkaline substance.  

Lab Testing for Fabrics in China

China manufactures and sends tonnes of garments to other nations. They do this business with quality by conducting a proper lab test. They see they meet the garment industrial standards. A manufacturer of fabric must test their clothes for the shrink tests. The color fastness is another important test, which is a quality issue. They do test for the flammability of your product. This will see how fast they will be burnt and at what temperature. The kids wear must pass toxicity test as the children may chew their clothing. The other important lab tests your garments must undergo is with compliance. These tests are the same for any garment meant for supplying within Mainland China.

Toy Testing in China

China-made toys are most preferred in the global market. This is because they conduct all lab tests and manufacture the toys following the compliance. They test for toxicity of the toy materials. They do test for its mechanical functions are safe to use. They test for durability and flammability too. They do see packing as most of them are for exports. Therefore, packing toxicity is necessary for the toy exporting companies.

You can call a lab test service provider and get advice. They do it as per the industrial standards in manufacturing in China. They are affordable and give proper certification after testing.

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