An Introduction To IB Programmes


The organization International Baccalaureate® (IB), founded in 1968, is revered for providing sought-after programmes of international education. The programmes are known to develop the intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills of the participant. By developing these skills, the participants will be better equipped to sustain, learn and work in a rapidly changing world. IB is known for its high teaching standards and employs a variety of pedagogical tools as it deems fit for the students. What emerges is a student with excellent leadership and learning skills. IB in conjunction with international organizations, governments,schools, try to develop intellectually challenging learning programmes that are internationally a claimed for the rigorous assessment.

Programmes in IB

The IB consists of four programmes. They cater to different age groups. They are Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, Career-related programme. These ranges from 3 – 12 years, 11 – 16 years, 16 – 19 years, 16 – 19 years respectively. The Diploma programmea rigorous two-year pre-university course that makes students not only knowledgeable andinquiring but also compassionate and caring. Students also developinterculturalunderstandingand value alternate points of view. The Diploma Programme has six academic areas. Mathematics is one of them. IB Math HL caters to students with a good background in the subject of mathematics. It is also desired that students are competent in a range ofanalytical and technical skills. These students in future will include the subjectasa major in their university studies, either as the subject itself or combined with courses such as engineering and technology, and physics. Other than Mathematics HL, the programme has Mathematics studies SL, Mathematics SL, and Further Mathematics HL. These courses cater to students withavarying level of expertise in mathematics.

The other academic area has Experimental Sciences and students are required to study at least one subject from the six available subjects in the academic area. Chemistry is one of the subjects in the academic area. The Chemistry subject syllabus includes a Higher Level and a Standard Level of 240 hours and 150 hours learning time respectively. It is a toughsubject, and so finding anIB Chemistry tutor is tough. The main purpose of this subject is to make the students aware of how scientists work and how the research work proceeds with communication between them. The emphasis remains on a practical approach to the subject with opportunities to design investigations, and collect data. The students develop manipulative skills, analysis skills and learn to collaborate with peers.

The experts here know how to help the students to have complete understanding and once that exercise is done they just need to focus on their presentation skill which can help them present the facts in the desired manner and hence score well in the exams. They teach with techniques and use time-tested techniques that can help the learner command the subject easily. They teach as well as make them learn on their own and practice in a way that can make them present the facts effectively.

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