Become A Crazy Traveller With A Travel Umbrella This Season


Travelling is in your blood. So, whatever season it would be, you just want to grab your bag and travel around. In summers, you are worried about the sun and heat and hence, you carry a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. In winter, the chilly winds and coldness in the weather is bothering. For that, you wear a fleece jacket or a trench coat to protect yourself. But you can’t stop travelling for sure.

travel umbrella

Now what about travelling during monsoon? Yes, it is the rains that are stopping you to step foot outside the house. You want to go out, explore places, chill out at hill stations, swim and get drenched. But you need something to cover your head and body from the rains. The only solution to this problem is carrying a travel umbrella.

Now, what is this travel umbrella? Is it different from the usual one? Or does it have some kind of traveling capability? Or is it just designed for a passionate traveller? Let us understand this one by one.

A travel umbrella is a normal umbrella but with sturdy fabrics and strong materials. It has the capacity to cover a person from rainfall. Travel umbrellas are compact, but are flexible enough to tolerate heavy winds during the rainy season. You can keep it easily in your travel bag or handbag without much hassle. The fabric is durable and lasts for a longer time. Thus, travel umbrellas serve the purpose for many years.

Do you think travel umbrellas are beneficial only during rainy season? Of course, not. It is a misconception of people that we need umbrellas only during rainy season. We need umbrellas in other seasons too. Imagine a very hot afternoon. You are supposed to go out for an urgent work or a meeting that you cannot postpone. You apply sunscreen on your exposed body parts and face 15 minutes before stepping in the sun. You are carrying a water bottle in case you are thirsty. Now, what about your head and hair? You have heard plenty of times that severe sunlight causes extreme hair fall that you can’t tolerate. A wide-brimmed hat doesn’t suffice the purpose as it would not be covering your back. The best idea is to carry an umbrella. There is no shame in it. We have always seen ladies carrying umbrellas to the market because they really do not want to damage their skin, hair and health. And it doesn’t matter if you also carry one. You can try once carrying your umbrella in the sun for some important task. And once, you need not carry an umbrella. You will notice the difference in your mood and health on two different days.

So, carrying an umbrella now seems to be beneficial for everyone. What about buying a new and good one? You can browse on internet for travel umbrellas. You have ample choice in selecting the most appropriate one for you as per your likes, preferences and requirements. You have an unlimited choice of colours and designs.


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