Canadian Experience Class – The Best Program To Get Canada Permanent Residence


Canada is one of the hot destinations in the world to attract international candidates. Country has several programs that help the people to apply for visa and permanent residence or PR. This is the best program for temporary foreign workers in Canada to apply for permanent residence.  Yes, most of the workers in Canada are thrilled with this program and are applying for PR with dream of settling in Canada with good job and family. What about you? Are you an international candidate with at least one year experience in your profession? Then you can make use of the program to apply for PR. Here is the best program for you.

Canadian Experience Class

Best program to get Permanent Residence

Yes, here is the best PR program for you. Canadian Experience Class or CEC is the program that provides golden opportunity for the international candidate with one year professional experience to apply for PR. With this program, international candidates can apply for permanent residence within Canada without quitting their job. The program describes that workers with sufficient experience really know about the Canadian culture and the applicants are part of Canadian society for a period of at least one year. Hence the government feels nothing wrong with providing PR for the candidates.

Submit your application

If you are sure about Canadian work experience, then you can submit your application.  Express Entry Selection System process the application of the candidates. Eligible candidates will be shortlisted and they have to make expression of interest. Apart from one year of professional experience, you should get adequate intermediate proficiency of 7 or Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB of 5 in accordance with the nature of job to qualify for submitting application.

Good chance for the international students

International students who study in Canada can make use of this option to get Permanent Residence in most simple but fastest way. International students can complete their graduation from any of the reputed Canadian educational institution and can continue their life at Canada with post graduate work permits. The candidate can earn work experience of 1 year during this period and can apply for Permanent Residence to stay in Canada.

Go online

Now you can post your application online. It is better to get the help of professional immigration service providers to make the process so easy. With incredible knowledge in Canadian Express Class and Express Entry Selection System, they can help you in meeting the legal formalities.  You can check Canadian experience class processing time online now.

There is no doubt it is the dream of everyone to stay in Canada. Canada with several amazing tourist destinations in the world assures good life standards, freedom to live and safety standards for the international candidates. Canadian Experience assures excellent opportunity to earn international professional experience with comfort life.

Find reputed service provider

Spend some time online to find the best international immigration service provider in Canada to assure satisfied services at affordable rates. Now it is your time to take the decision.

With graduation certificate or one year professional experience you can be the permanent citizen of Canada…!

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