Delivery Of Food In Trains: A Hassle Free Way To Eat Healthy Meal When Travelling In Train


Making a train travel convenient was always the aim of the Indian railway authorities. While there were an array of services that caters to the need like checking PNR status, train running status, tracking of trains, arrival-departure status update and availability of seats. Getting food online while on train was a much needed one. Hence the e-catering services form the railways came as a boon. Now any passenger travelling in a train can order food of their choice which will be delivered at their seat.  

Passengers, when on train, have to order their food from the pantry cars. However, if they do or they do not, in both the scenarios, they are in trouble. Pantry food is unhygienic and unhealthy to consume, and if you have chosen not to order food from there, and not to consume platform foods either, you know the consequences. In both the cases, you can have issues like upset stomach, vomiting, or other health problems.  

Online delivery of food in trains by the Indian railway authorities has solved this issue for the passengers. With this e- catering service from the Indian rail, passengers can have a mobile application in their smartphones to order food from.

How to order food via e- catering application?

There are four simple steps to order food in train:

  1. Download the food ordering application on your phone and sign up with your name.
  2. When you are in need of food in train, enter the PNR number. Search for food options available on the next stoppage of the train you are travelling on. Select the restaurant en route, and make an order.
  3. Choosing food items can be a task as usually there are numerous variety available for the passengers to order. Food Items: From regional dishes, to the usual veg, and non- veg thali, south Indian platter, to special breakfast platter- everything is available at almost every station. Select the food item and you will get the bill instantly.
  4. Choose your mode of payment- cash on delivery and online payment are the options to choose from. Make online payment without any hassles and avail multiple offers and discounts. One can also choose to pay via Cash on Delivery (COD). In that case, passengers are requested to keep the cash handy.

Now as you have made a successful order, the best part is yet to come. Receive your order right to your seat/ berth and enjoy your food. Fresh, wholesome and warm food is always served to passengers.

Tasty and scrumptious food is made easy by the railways’ via their online catering services.  The online service providers are careful with the passengers’ varied taste, hence liver food that would entice their taste buds. The calories, and nutrition of the food served in trains are always balanced to make sure that it fills their stomach but not cause anything uncomfortable.

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