Electrical Home Repairs – Avoid Burning Your House Down


Electrical home repairs are not something to be taken for granted. You may get away with repairing small broken circuits and replacing a blown fuse or two but major repairs need to be done by a reputable contractor and more importantly, licensed electricians if you do not want problems with your insurance or more serious problems down the road. Moreover, licensed electricians work is guaranteed and has a warranty. There are many examples of a home being destroyed by a devastating fire caused by faulty wiring and mismatched connections. And to make it worse, the insurance companies refused to pay a dime because an unlicensed electrician so much as set foot in the breaker shed. That is right, DIY electrical repairs or work by unqualified electricians will void your home’s warranty against this kind of incident. Fortunately, there are a lot of reputable Electrical Service Melbourne and you can find their services online such as http://www.easton-bell.com.au/. Having guaranteed professional service is now just a click and a swipe away.

Now if voiding your insurance protection is not enough to convince you that a licensed electrician is best, here are some of the other compelling reasons to do so. Let me be clear though, we are talking about major undertakings and not just changing light bulbs here. We are talking about adding breakers, multiple appliances, battery backup installations, solar panels etc. Of course, these would be different from area to area or zoning. so a residential zone would have different requirements for a permit and so on and so forth.

You will be able to save time, cost and aggravation caused by hiring an unlicensed electrician. For major repair or upgrade work in electrical systems in your home, hiring a reputable contractor will save you time. Most contractors have been doing this for a long time and have set guidelines and parameters for these jobs. They would be fast efficient and safe. This would save you both time and money as hiring the services of an unlicensed electrician might actually produce unnecessary expenses in the long run. You can forget about cost, and forget about being efficient, but would you endanger your family’s life as well? Having an unlicensed workman or DIY work will actually expose you to risk of electrocution and those who will use the equipment that connects to the work you did. What makes this dangerous is that it may seem fine and be working perfectly and not be immediately apparent, gradually worsening until it is already too late. Also, fires that are caused by faulty wiring can be a lot more dangerous than other causes, as the added risk of electrocution is also present.

Another, albeit relatively minor effect, is that you could be doing something that is illegal in your jurisdiction. This could get you heavy fines or worse, land you in jail. Furthermore, when selling the property, a thorough inspection by the buyer’s inspector can find out that you have repaired or altered connections and repairs. If you fail to present the paperwork for it, you could lose the sale. Also in addition, if you did DIY work and caused a problem in the future, you could still be liable even after you have sold the house.


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