Get Your Knee Replacement Surgery Done Successfully In India


We can restore the functioning in a severely diseased knee-joint through knee surgery. The growth in medical tourism has given rise to an increase in foreigners who visit India for their medical treatment.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Need for surgery in India

People otherwise refer to knee replacement surgery as knee arthroplasty. Many diseases give cause to do knee surgery. These include psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Since the cost of knee replacement surgery in India is remarkably low compared to that in foreign countries, many foreigners prefer to do their surgery in India.

Different types of knee surgeries

You have many kinds of knee surgeries. The physician will decide on the procedure and tell you all the details. Here is a look at the types you might see.

  1. Total knee replacement
  2. Partial knee replacement
  3. Revision knee replacement
  4. Bilateral knee replacement
  5. Computer assisted surgery
  6. Minimally invasive knee replacement

In the total knee replacement, they remove all the parts of the knee including the weight-bearing parts. The surgeon then replaces them with artificial parts made of plastic, ceramic, or steel. A highly polished metal part will take the place of your femur. Similarly, plastic and polymer parts replace your patella and tibia portions of the leg.

Symptoms indicative of surgery

You should consider surgery as an option when your doctor advises you to. You can see the progress of the disease from the conditions mentioned below.

  1. The pain restricts you from your daily routine activities.
  2. The knee is sufficiently unstable.
  3. You have pain daily.
  4. One can feel the stiffness in the knee.
  5. Deformity of the knee such as knock-knees is clear.

Preparing for the knee surgery

The physicians will tell you all the things you need to do before a knee replacement surgery. You can do your bit by making changes in your lifestyle and other things.

  1. If you drink, stop at least two days before the surgery.
  2. You must get an assessment of your health done with the help of your physician, a couple of weeks before the surgery. They forward this report to the orthopaedic surgeon along with the surgical clearance.
  3. Take the complete range of tests needed including but not restricted to a cardiogram, chest X-ray, blood tests, and urine sample.
  4. Stop smoking since it interferes with the blood flow and the healing process.
  5. You should do some pre-surgical exercises. These relate to the type of rehabilitation needed.
  6. You must undergo an orthopaedic examination just before the scheduled surgery to make sure everything is all right.
  7. You must tell the surgeon about the medical conditions you have and give the list of medication you take for it.

Get the advice from the physician

You can get more details of the knee replacement surgery cost India from the hospital website. They will list the specialists and other things such as the fees and details of the schedule for each physician.

Stay in hospital for the entire duration recommended. You can return to moderately difficult tasks in your daily life such as swimming, bicycling, and golf. You should not do jogging or play tennis. The prognosis is good with over 90% of the people experiencing good knee functioning after the surgery.

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