How To Find Out If There Is Petrol In A Diesel Car!


There are several instances when people wrongly put petrol in diesel car; however, this fuel contamination is quite common, yet it may cause big issues to your car. So, knowing the right information on how to recognise if you have put petrol in diesel car can prove to be quite helpful as it protects your diesel car from poor consequences of fuel contamination. So, let’s us discuss what you should do when you find out that your diesel car has petrol on immediate basis.

petrol in diesel car

Act Faster-

On finding out that you have wrongly put petrol in your diesel car, make sure to act immediately without wasting more time. A wrong fuel in your car may devastate your entire journey and can also cause huge damage to the engine of your car. Though it is a common issue that many of the diesel car owners encounter with, so, don’t get panic at this situation.

So, when you put petrol in your diesel car, then first do not start it which you should keep in mind. It is because, starting the engine will immediately circulate the fuel across the engine and thus, it may cause severe harm to the engine. In addition, make sure to not to switch on the ignition and try to drain the fuel as fast as you can.

Way To Learn If There Is Petrol In A Diesel Car-

To find out if you have wrongly filled petrol in your diesel car from the filling station, there are simple signs that you should look for.

  • Power Loss
  • Extra smoke
  • Engine shudder
  • Difficulty in starting the car

Though the severity of these symptoms may vary from vehicle to vehicle and fuel contamination. Yet, you will find these signs at some level if there is petrol in diesel car.

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