How To Maintain The Water Purifier Effectively?


The importance of water purifier in your house can never ever be compromised with any other household appliances. It is a prime requirement for your family health and hygiene. You cannot ignore the water-borne diseases that often bring the deadly situation in life. To protect from unwanted heavy metals and organic impurities you need to install a good water purifier in your house not only for pure drinking water but also for healthy water too. But installing a water purifier in your house is not sufficient for getting pure and healthy water 24×7 round the year. You should be careful and attentive to maintain the water purifier in a proper manner to ensure a supply of pure and hygienic drinking water throughout the year. The following maintenances are the must:

Change the water filter periodically

Filters are the main components of the water filter that takes the load to absorb or eliminate the contaminants from the water that is coming in from the tap. So, first of all, check the quality of input water for choosing the right water purifier for your house and ensure smooth functioning of it. You can take the help of the water doctor feature from the websites of the Eureka Forbes. However, over the time due to regular use of the filter, it gets losing the efficiency of your water purifier to eliminate and absorb the contaminants that present in the water. This you can understand well when the flow of water from the output tap reduces with a bad odor or smell. This is an indication to change the filter.

Don’t ignore drips and leakages

If you can find or experience that there is any leak in your water purifier then do not hesitate to book a call to the service center for a check-up of your purifier-set. Get in touch with the technician and follow the entire check-up process and ensure the leakage is repaired properly so that the quality of water is resting assured.

Replace the RO membrane timely

If you are using the water purifier with RO technology where the latest membrane technology is used to purify the water, you should be more careful about its maintenance. The RO membrane has to absorb more TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) impurities and colloidal particles that pass through the incoming tap water. This process of filtration damages the life of the RO membrane and the quality of water is compromised. You should take care of your RO purifier whether there is any bad odor in the water that is coming out from the output tap. You should immediately contact the service center and register a complaint about necessary maintenance.

Annual maintenance

Apart from the above follow-up practices, you can also opt for a suitable AMC (Annual Maintenance Contact) with the Eureka Forbes for your specific model of water purifier. The company will take care of your purifier with a regular visit. The expert technician will periodically service your water purifier and advice you for own maintenance.

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