Important Tips On Fixing Network Problem On Your Device


Having smartphones and Wi-Fi connections in the house offers connectivity to the internet all the time. But the network issues can present some issues and troubles in the smooth connectivity. Hence, you need to know about the things to do when such situation arrives.

Fixing Network Problem On Your Device

Hence, in this article, you find all the important tips to Diagnose a Network Problemand get rid of it.

  1. Restart your smartphone

If you are connected with the smartphone network and there is some problem, switch it off. Then, remove the phone battery for at least one minute. This way, you reduce the heat inside the phone. Now, you can put the battery back and restart the phone. Make the connection again. Hopefully, it will start working again.

  1. Try reconnecting the Wi-Fi

Sometimes the devices remember the IP address of the different wireless connection used earlier. This can be the cause of Common Computer Network Issues, if the IP address is different from the current connection. Hence, you need to resolve the problem by turning off and connecting the Wi-Fi again.

You need to go to the settings option of the device and click on the wireless and network section there. This will take you to the Wi-Fi settings, where you can turn the Wi-Fi off. Then, in about 30 seconds, you can turn it back on. This might reestablish the connection again. The same process is applicable for other devices.

  1. Forget network

If the above mentioned method doesn’t work, then, you can try this option. By forgetting the network you can establish the new connection with the server. Here you need to make sure that the device is away from the range of Wi-Fi connection.

After forgetting the network from the device, you can bring the device back within the network range of Wi-Fi. As it starts showing the network on the device, click on it and enter the IP address. This will establish the connection again and you can start using the network.

  1. Save the password

If you have changed your Wi-Fi password, then, you need to save the new password on your device manually. Otherwise, this can be the reason of network problem. In order to save the new password, you need to forget the current network like the previous method. After that, you can go to the network settings of the device and change the password with the new one. Now, save the new password and establish the network again.

Finally, if nothing works, then, try searching the problem in the advanced Wi-Fi settings. Most of the problems are easy to resolve and you can do it on your own. However, sometimes the issues with the router can be the reason of the bad network. Hence, it would be better to seek professional advice in the situation when nothing works.

So, that’s a wrap on this topic. You can use these tips and get rid of the Faulty Internet Connectionin your device.

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