Must-Visit Temples In South India


South Indian temples are the most ancient temples that are truly magnificent. They are the architectural gems of temples in India, and also strong backbones of heritage and rich culture. Its breath-taking beauty would give you the vibe and feel that God is around you and blessing you. All these temples have great religious significance.


So, in this post, you will get to read about some of the divinely and beautiful temples in South India, which are a must visit.

  1. VenkateswaraTemple, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Venkateswara temple, also known as Tirupati Balaji temple, is known as the holiest Pilgrimage of Hindus. It is situated in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is in devotion to Lord Vishnu, and thousands of people come here to worship and take blessing. This temple is also known as the richest of all temples, as donations received here every year by the beloved devotees, is numerous.

  1. Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Vijayanagara

This temple is situated near the scenic river in Hampi, which is 350 km away from Bangalore city. Virupaksha temple is in devotion to Lord Shiva also known as Virupaksha. The architectural style of this temple is of highlight, with its intricate carvings. It was built during 7th century, and it underwent many additions to it by several rulers. This temple is designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Another historic temple of Hindu culture is Meenakshi temple, devoted to Goddess Parvati along with her consort God Shiva. Lord Shiva is named here as Sundareswarar. This is one of the most ancient temples built in between the year 1623-1655 CE. If you wish to see only one temple, then this is the one you should visit. It consists of 12 towers and 4,500 pillars, and it’s massive. This temple is located in Madurai city of Tamil Nadu.

  1. Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the main shrines here are of Durga and Vishnu. Veerabhadra is known to be the most fearsome side of Lord Shiva. This temple has got one of the best architectural features and is beautiful place to visit. This temple goes way back to 16th century. Every day Pooja along with other sacred rituals happen at this temple. The granite of Nandi –bull here is the main attraction, which is massive in size and is being carved from single stone.

  1. Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha

This temple is devoted to Jagannath, and holds great importance. Char DhamYatra or Pilgrimige is not considered to be complete without visiting Jagannatha temple. Char Dhamyatra is a huge thing for Hindus, which is expected to be completed and experienced once in lifetime. This temple was established during 12th century. It is also known for RathYatra, which happens every year.

So, if you are planning a visit to southern side of India, then you can take a South India temple tour along with it as well, and have a holy and blissful experience of lifetime.

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