My 6 Month Review Of Purepharma O3 Fish Oil


After recommendations from friends at the beginning of my fitness journey, I decided to take omega-3 fish oil in the hopes of helping me to work out more effectively, recover quicker and generally increase my level of fitness. After reviewing a number of different omega-3 supplements, I decided to try purepharma omega 3 as I felt that it was one of the best on the market.

Now that I have been taking it for six months, I thought it was about time that I gave you an idea of the results I have achieved and some of the benefits I have found from taking omega-3 fish oil on a regular basis.

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Why Omega 3?

Following some of my own research, I found out that the list of benefits from taking omega-3 is almost endless and certainly goes beyond just the training benefit. Obviously, I needed to try it for myself, but with promises of anti-inflammatory properties, faster recoveries and better training, I definitely needed to give it a go. This is what I found.


Buying the cheapest supplement at your local chemist will probably mean that it isn’t a very good quality product. So in this case, valued at mean cheap. The Purepharma Omega-3 fish oil is high quality and extremely pure, meaning a high quantity of omega-3 are in each capsule. In fact, it’s around 2000mg per serving, compared to 300-600mg that some supplements have – just what you need to get the best effects.

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Omega 3 Side Effects

There really are no bad side effects of this supplement – at least none that I noticed! Lots of people have asked me about the very common ‘fishy burps’ that they get from taking other omega 3 supplements, but I certainly didn’t have any with Purepharma omega 3, which was fantastic!

How I Feel

The simple answer – great!

I can really feel this supplement working in my body. It took a little while, but I definitely noticed the results once they started to appear. My recover is getting easier – even though my workout and training is getting more intense and I even my mood has lifted. I feel like I have more energy and none of the horrible side effects (I think that that might be down to the purity – but I’m no scientist) and I would be happy to take this supplement in the long-term.

Overall Effectiveness

Well what can I say…the Purepharma Omega 3 fish oil really works! I went in to it slightly sceptical, even though I knew the excellent reputation of Purepharma, and I was pleasantly surprised. Many supplements promise you the world, but end up leaving you disappointed. But this omega 3 really delivers.

I took a week off it, just to make sure that it was working, and it definitely was. I can notice the effects when I am taking it and I can definitely tell when I am not!

So overall, a great supplement that I will definitely be continuing to take for the foreseeable future!

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