Questions You Should Ask Your Skip Hire Provider


The trend of hiring skips is not new, as residential and commercial contractors and property owners have been making use of these services since decades and are well aware of the benefits they can avail by hiring a skip while carrying out any construction or remodelling project. There are plenty of companies offering services of skip hire in London and it is your responsibility to ensure that the services you choose are the most suitable one. Mentioned below are a few questions that you should ask the service providing company before taking up their services.


  • How does their skip hire services work?

The process of hiring skip is usually very simple and easy. You need to find a good skip hire providing company, inform them about your requirements and get the skip delivered at your doorstep when required. However, the process can vary from one company to another. Thus make sure to clarify the process, as well payment and delivery methods they adopt.

  • What cannot be put in the skip?

Hazardous materials, which can affect the environment or pose risky to living beings, cannot be put in skip and should be disposed of in a separate manner. Ask the company to provide you a list of things you cannot throw in the skip and these might include electrical equipments, tyres, batteries, paints, asbestos, gas bottles, medical waste and other toxic materials.

  • What size of skip you should hire?

The answer to this question lies on the amount of waste that you would want to dispose of after the completion of your project. So if you are initiating a renovation project then you can ask your contractor to suggest the size of skip you should hire. You can also ask the company personnel to help you select a suitable sized skip, as they have skip size guides for this purpose.

  • What all is included in the service you are paying for?

Usually the services you pay for are inclusive of delivery of skip, collecting of waste and its safe disposal. Labour costs are generally included in the fee you pay; however some contractors might charge you extra for this. So getting this clarified beforehand can prove useful.

  • Where can you place the skip?

Ideally the skip should be placed within your premises, which can be your front yard or driveway. If that is not possible due to lack of space, then you can also place it on the road, provided you first take permission from the related authorities. Many good companies assist you in getting the permit or can handle the entire task on their own.

  • For what purpose can you use the skip?

Skips can be used for two purposes primarily. Commercial skip hire can be used for the removal of construction waste. Similarly domestic skip hire allows you to collect and dispose of waste generated after home renovation and junk clearance.

Whether you are hiring a skip for the first time or have used such services before, getting prior clarification about the things mentioned above can help to make the process of skip hire in London easier, without requiring you to face any inconvenience or hassle later on.

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