Save Our Planet Earth And Environment By Using Biomass Boilers


Today human being is concerned about the Planet our which gives us life and save our life. That is the reason people are looking for options which can help in saving energy and creating less pollution in the environment. Biomass is a stored form of solar energy which is available in different types such as wood , sewage sludge , animal litter and waste organic material. The biomass boilers have the potential to deliver the most cost effective and efficient result, especially for commercial and industrial usages.


The fuel for Biomass Boiler is delivered in the forms of Wood chips and pellets. There are certain benefits of using biomass boilers such as :

  • It is a carbon neutral fuel efficient supplier which is efficient in providing high energy solutions.
  • It is sustainable for years and the boiler is considered as the heart of the entire system which is available in different types which can be selected on the basis of the purpose of use and budget.

Lets understand different biomass boilers:

  • Log Boilers:It is a basic type of boiler which is highly efficient and sophisticated in use.
  • Pellet Boiler:In this type of boiler wood pellets burn evenly without any wastage of the fuel material .The wood Pellets do not contain any moisture which helps in evenly burning of it.
  • Wood Chip boilers: It is best suited for medium and large scaled industries.

The price of the biomass boilers is determined on the basis of boiler type , use type , automation level, etc. So you should select the type depending on your continence of usage. It is used for space heating , hot water production in buildings .There are certain elements of the system which need to be installed properly for the functioning of the biomass boiler such as a Fuel Delivery unit , storage and extraction unit and last most important boiler unit .

It is considered pollution free because it uses fuel such as wood which is organic in nature instead of fossil fuels like oil or coal. Untreated and treated wood is used as a fuel type in boilers .Timber dust is a waste product of wood which is generated after carpentry or woodwork which is used in biomass boilers to produce high level fuel or heat.

Fossil fuel usage disturbs the environmental balance and result in global warming. Now users are trying to use energy generators which are environmentally safe.

You should consider below mentioned points before selecting any particular type of boiler :

  • Check for wood supplier or a saw mill to get regular supply of raw material used to generate energy from the biomass system
  • Biomass boiler is huge in size so you need to consider about the space where you are planning to install it in the unit.
  • Check Chimney setting specially designed for fuel type you are selecting for your biomass system .

So the user biomass system to generate energy which is cost effective and efficient to use.

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