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Renting cars can be a good alternative to public transportation when traveling to other places like Romania. Having a car gives you the chance to do things by yourself, take detour when your mood strikes, and reach the places you would only dream about. But, renting cars in another country comes with its set of possible challenges.

Below are the things you should take for consideration:

Ensure You Are Covered

Majority of US car insurers will not cover you while you are driving abroad with possible exceptions of Mexico and Canada. Unless you have your credit card offering car rental insurance, you will probably have to buy your insurance from rental companies. The first thing that you should check your credit card company and your insurer to determine the coverage you have. While you are on the subject of the credit cards, make sure to book rental car in advance with credit cards for you lock in the best possible rental rates.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

In a lot of countries, the manual transmissions are actually the norm and you will pay premiums for automatic. However, driving in other countries is frequently more stressful compared to driving at home. Roads might be paved, winding, narrow poorly or plain dangerous. If you will go to a country like Romania, you will have to prepare to drive on the road’s left side. Consider every circumstance, your comfort level, and take note that a trip overseas isn’t the time to learn driving a stick. However, it is a good time to ensure that you have reliable maps.

If you have a GPS, you may download international maps at an affordable price from the website of a GPS provider. With that said, it is a great idea to make comparison of the overall cost of adding GPS to car rental in comparison to going to the route downloaded. Traditionally, car rental companies charge daily or weekly for GPS rental. Therefore, depending on the days you want to rent the car, you might be better renting GPS for a day compared to paying a certain amount of money for downloading international maps.

Ensure You Know Rules

Staying alert, speed limits, stop signs, and livestock are all the things you are used to doing whenever you’re driving and that tend to be a bit consistent across the continents. Some road rules are much specific and others are flat out. So, research the driving culture in Romania and make sure to abide by local customs. With this, you can be assured that you will be fully aware of the road and drive like the way locals do.

It is often rare to have freedom in some countries. That is the reason why you should always take some time planning and understanding the details of car rental in advance so you could enjoy the experience and relax once you reach your destination. For more details about rent a car Bucuresti Otopeni explore this popular website .

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