The Broad Divisions And Prospects Of All India Joint Entrance Exam


The ambition and desire for becoming an engineer in our country come with a lot of hard work, diligence, and perseverance. One must crack the all India test that in taken throughout the country, also known as the Joint Entrance Exam or the JEE. The test is taken in two stages, the first being the JEE Main and the second being JEE advanced. The question paper is set on an objective pattern, and it is internationally regarded as one of the most difficult examinations for engineering aspiring students. Changing the previous patterns of examination, in 2012, it was announced that the JEE Mains would be conducted for students who are aspiring for the NITs (National Institute of Technology), IIITs ( Indian Institute of Information Technology)and CFTIs ( Centrally Funded Technical Institutes). The JEE Advanced would be a further difficult examination for the students who are aspiring for IITs. The other government funded institutions like IISER; IISC etc. will take in students on the basis of marks scored in the advanced examination.


Why do you need to solve the JEE Advanced question papers?

As mentioned earlier, these examinations surpass other national level examinations in the country and thus require a lot of preparation and practice. One should not only be through with the syllabus but also be well acquainted with the structure and pattern of the question papers. In the new era of digital India, opting for an online coaching course from the best tutors in the country along with regular mock test papers and the JEE Advanced previous years papers are easily available. The students can easily have access to video lectures from the best teaching faculties, and along with that the rigorous test and questions papers make the student swift and immaculate while solving them.

The JEE advanced last year question papers along with the JEE Mains paper are available online along with the question papers of the past ten years. Once a student if thorough with the whole syllabus, he/she should start solving the question papers a couple of months before the examination. One must be particular about the time and must try to solve the whole paper correctly within the specified time. Maintaining speed along with ticking the right answers must be a complementary habit which gets developed over time once you regularly start solving the question papers.

The test:

There are more than twenty lakhs students appearing for the exam with the desire and aspiration to study in the best colleges of the country. Needless to say, the competition is nonpareil and hence once should give extra effort to excel. Opting for online coaching and solving the previous year papers and mock test papers set by top-notch faculties is a good way to start your preparation. There are also many institutes that can help the learners get command on various subjects and pass the test with flying colors. The perfect coaching can help the learners to clear the test in the first attempt.

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