The Various Components Of Body Physical Health


Your body health is the best investment you can make so as to have ample time to work for more returns. Therefore, you should make sure you get routine checkups, eat a balanced diet, and also do physical exercises to make sure your body fitness level is maintained. Failure to do so, your health will be poor, and therefore you might not be in a position to offer excellent services to your clients. Physical fitness can be classified into different categories. There are exercises that help lose weight and others that are necessary to increase muscular endurance. Here are the components of physical fitness that help achieve a healthy body.

Exercises for Muscular Endurance and Muscular Strength

Muscle endurance can be explained as the ability of your muscles to perform contractions over an extended period of time. Therefore, rather than carrying weight for just a few minutes, the muscles will be able to handle weight for a longer time. The exercises that will help in building muscular endurance include weightlifting. When you work with lighter weights, you will train your muscle fibers so as to be able to handle weight for long.

This is however achieved by practicing in different repeat ranges. The more you do it, the higher rep range leading to longer periods of exercising. To achieve muscular strength, you need to lift and carry heavy objects. People with low muscular strength are not able to keep up with demands placed upon the muscles of their body. Therefore they aren’t able to perform in jobs that require masculine efforts.

Physical Exercising for Cardiovascular Endurance

Your body needs cardiovascular healthy, and this can be met by exercising. The exercises that build cardiovascular endurance include running, jogging, swimming and cycling. Further, any other exercises that will force the lungs, the heart and blood vessels to work for extended period of time, qualifies as cardiovascular endurance exercise. To access your cardiovascular endurance, you can do the cooper run which is usually around 12-15 minutes. However, a step run which is usually five minutes jog is a good place to start if you are a beginner. These exercises also help lose weight.

Flexibility Exercises

Your body flexibility is one of the most important factors in achieving body health. Your muscles and joints will grow stiff, and the movement becomes limited if you don’t indulge in these exercises. A simple method or exercise that will help in fitness is the sit and reach exercise.

Body Fat Composition Exercises

Obesity is a serious condition that no one would like to have. Therefore exercise to lose weight by burning the fats your body does not need. Men should have a fat composition of less than 17 percent and women it’s less than 24 percent so as to qualify as physically fit. Lose weight through aerobics and cardiovascular exercises.

A good exercise that can help in achieving flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and also muscle strength is Muay Thai. This is a sporting activity common in Thailand and allows you to lose weight while achieving body fitness. Enroll in Muay Thai training camp today and start your journey to physical fitness.

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