Watch Out: 6 Things You Should Know Before Applying A Metrobank Credit Card


Being the largest bank, it is obvious that one will always prefer Metrobank when it comes to applying a credit card. But, before you apply, you must be aware of the know-how and the certain requirements for the bank, if you are filling a Metrobank credit card application.

Metrobank credit card application

Now, while you apply, you will require some documents and other information, which any layman should know. The information is given below, do have a look;

  • Requirements and Documentation
  1. The person applying should not be of less than 21 years of age.
  2. The person shall be a permanent employee or self employed with business being in operation for minimum 2 years.
  3. The person needs to have some minimum gross, with P180,000 as fixed annual income so as to be able to afford for the credit card since the bills can be pretty huge at times and the bank won’t take risks. There are number of credit cards offered by Metrobank and the income required ranges from P180,000 to P5 Million.
  4. You need to submit income proof and identity proof.

  • Offers you get with Metrobank Credit Card


Metrobank offers various discounts as per the type of card you apply. Recorded underneath are only a couple of the present discounts and offers to a Metrobank MasterCard holder:

  1. You get discounts upto 50% at restaurants.
  2. You get discounts on various tourist destinations, and in this way, you can enjoy your vacation without spending much.
  3. You get discounts on airline tickets.

Besides these, there are many such as shopping discounts, rebate on fuel purchases, etc., but all these offers are subject to terms and conditions of the type of card you apply for.

  • Credit Score you make with the credit card

The biggest and best thing about having the Metrobank credit card is that you have a good credit score to apply for a home loan, car loan or education loan in the future. It accounts for better financial assessment and help, if required in near future. So, if you are planning to apply, do not plan, just apply. 

  • Best solution for monetary Crises

This happens to every one of us. Unexpected circumstances do happen when we require cash and we don’t have any in our pockets. Now and again, having a Metro Bank Credit Card could be a genuine saver. By and large, however, having an ATM card is all that is fundamental.

  • Plenty on late payment

It is very easy to buy things on credit cards but you should know that it is a kind of loan and each and every penny spent is to be returned within stipulated time period, and if you fail to pay, late fine will be charged as per terms and conditions of that card. So one needs to spend wisely!

  • Safety and privacy are the substantial points

Metrobank has to offer a host of features including the security and privacy. You should always go for a credit card, which comes with numerous security measures and also, you should take this part most seriously, because you never know you if you don’t pay attention to security, you may fall prey to prying eyes.

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