Web Proctored Exams: Few Essential Aspects To Know


Online proctored exams are also known as remote exams or web proctored exams are finding favour by the professionals within the certification industry. A good number of professionals have been seeking a way to get proper certification, but without the hassle involved. Hence, organizations have been investing in various types of solutions to enable them to provide their candidates with useful opportunities to take exams whenever and wherever desired. It just requires using of web cam and help of the online proctor.

Is online proctoring worth the effort and try?

Those who have adopted web proctoring are likely to state its importance over web based exam. Going online, the person has to book a time which suits him perfectly to take the exam and just get over with it. But web proctored sceptics are of the opinion that the exam’s integrity and security is in jeopardy. The questions asked are what if someone cheats, how to be sure that it is the candidate who has taken the exam and not a proxy, and why not to take the old conventional route of conducting exams that can be better controlled and monitored.

The fact is both the sceptics and the converted are right. This entirely depends upon the organization which has been offering web proctored exam as well as its capability to met vital industry security needs. Web proctoring, unless properly developed is likely to change completely the certification’s meanings and its value.

What to check when seeking web proctored exams?

  • Ensure undertaking proper research to identify an organization which is certified and comply with the global regulations pertaining to quality management, exam integrity and data privacy.
  • Check the conditions and terms while using the credit card.
  • Check everything that is done online. The exam institutes which make investment in web proctoring are to invest in simple online application.
  • Before booking the exam, check out the necessary requirements. The web proctored exam should make lives simpler. Hence, if a long software checklist is to be downloaded, memory required and documents to be scanned then check out elsewhere. What will be necessary is just a simple webcam.
  • The exam should be taken only with online certified proctor. The proctor needs to be professional trained to provide proper guidance to the candidates through the simple process, right from the beginning to the end.
  • The provider should be helpful all the time and offer round the clock exams. Customer support line is also to be available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to all type of queries. The organizations offering instant messaging and toll free numbers should provide instant support and timely help.
  • It is necessary to derive value for what is being paid. The organizations which offer single price for the booking, e-certificate, etc. are regarded to be a bonus, which should be delivered on time.

Overall, web proctoring is the in-thing in today’s business and it becomes crucial to find the best provider to meet the specific needs of the business.

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