Ego Expo Australia: Top Streetwear And Lifestyle Expo In Australia


Ego Expo is Australia’s biggest expo where you will meet independent streetwear brands in sneakers, accessories, apparel,and art under one roof. It’s a one of its kind expo that brings together top brands in the streetwear niche. It’s notable how they manage to bring more than 100 independent streetwear labels in almost all niches for people to get to know the founders behind those brands. Here, you’re sure to discover a lot about streetwear and stand a chance to win a variety of discounts face-to-face as well as get to know the latest labels that have emerged from the streets.

What is Lifestyle Expo Melbourne all about?

Fashion Expo Melbourne is the leading destination for you to learn more about street culture and what makes it so unique. Take some time out to visit this great destination today to discover the most exciting fashion runways, dance battles, street eats, and live street art. Based in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, it’s a wonderful arena for individuals and families to take a moment out to enjoy the great variety of amazing entertainment, shopping, and fun facilities.

What Can I do in the Fashion Expo Melbourne?

The lifestyle expo Melbourne is Australia’s leading destination for you to learn, shop, get entertained, and have fun. If you’re into the streetwear and lifestyle industry, you can as well showcase your brand.  We have a great range of high-quality exhibitor booths for sale so you can get yours today.

Why Should You Sponsor Ego Expo Australia

Ego Expo came into existence in February of 2018. After we began our journey in the streetwear and lifestyle industry, we organized an official event that managed to cater for close to 2000 visitors within two days. Despite being our first ever event, we managed to attract a whole 4710 Instagram followers, 19800 website views, and 1400 Facebook followers. The number has been growing since then and we expect to have attained a bigger figure by the start of 2019.  

It has become ordinary for Youthful Australian creatives in the ages of 16 to 35 to love attending high-end events with their loved ones. Most of these millennials are highly interested in events that revolve around street culture, fashion, art, sports, history, streets influence, and food. They are always ready to learn more and discover about the latest streetwear and lifestyle products and the pioneers behind those brands.


We all agree that Ego Expo is the biggest and most outstanding expo in Australia that caters for everyone interested in streetwear and lifestyle. Despite having only come into existence less than a year ago, it has attracted a great fan base and become the choice of many. In case you have interest in learning more about Ego Expo, you can get in touch with us through our qualified team. Our professional Melbourne events team is always ready to answer your media queries, sponsorship proposals, inquiries, and partnership requests. Our exhibition staff members are here to respond to your questions and comments in less than 2 business days.

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