Essential Tips To Wear Hijab


A crushed hijab is not the thing you want to wear while going out. Whatever you wear it must be clean and ironed. The creased dress is a big no, especially if you are going to any formal event. You can go for hijab online buy or buy from retail stores, but there are certain things you need to follow while wearing hijab. Today, you will get certain tips that will make things easier and you will look stylish and modest while going out. Read on to know more-

  1. How to Tuck in Those Naughty Hair?

The rule of wearing a hijab is to cover your entire head except for your face. You should tuck in all your hair while tying the hijab around your head. Use hairspray to keep those bangs controlled and set them well inside the hijab.

  1. Buy a Hijab Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

You can experiment with the color of your dress, but while wearing hijab, try to keep it lighter. If you wear too much colorful or patterned hijab, it will make your face look drowsy. That’s not what you want. You need a sun-kissed look that makes you look effortlessly beautiful. Wear nude shade or light pink colored hijab and look how elegant you will look.

  1. Use hair Straightener to Remove Crease

Don’t you have time to iron your hijab before going out? Nothing to worry if you have hair straightener with you. It is very easy to remove the wrinkles on the border of the hijab. You can do another thing to remove wrinkles from hijab. While taking hot shower bath, hang the hijab on the towel rack. It will be wrinkle-free.

  1. Wear Patterned Scarves

If you are looking for best hijab online or from aretail store, you may get solid colors. If you want to experiment with your look and try something different, buy patterned scarves and wear them like hijabs. The small flower motifs or geometrical patterns look amazing while you wear it.

  1. Use Fabric Softener

It is true that buying a hijab can go with several types of dresses. But, what to do if you need to wash it? How many time will you change your dress to find the suitable one for your hijab? That’s why you can use fabric softener wipes. It will make it look fresh and smell it fresh too.

  1. Avoid Cotton Bonnet

While buying hijab check the bonnet quality well. Actually, if it comes with cotton bonnet, it often causes hairfall. So, while buying, make sure the bonnet is made of silk or satin.

  1. Avoid Tears Made by Safety Pins

To keep hijab in its place, you need to use asafety pin. After repeated use, safety pins can tear the hijab at places. How to avoid those? Fashion experts suggest inserting the safety pin into the transparent rubber pieces before using it.

These are certain tips which can be helpful if you are beginning to wear hijab. Buy new hijab and follow these tips while wearing.

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