How To Encounter High Blood Pressure During The Days Of Pregnancy


All of us would have heard of medicine HIV in pregnancy, but blood pressure promises to be a different thing altogether. There is no need to panic as there are some healthy tips to prevent occurrence of high blood pressure during the course of pregnancy. You got to take into consideration that hypertension is more prominent in pregnant women than other stage of their life. The arrival of a baby is one of the most cherished possessions in the life of a woman, but certain unwanted complications may be a cause of worry at this juncture.

Studies do point to the fact that when you are pregnant you do put on excess weight as there is a developing baby inside your stomach. This is with the veins and the strength does become weak. Here immunity power reduces and she is not in a position to fight diseases as normally a woman would do. This makes it quiet easy for a killer disease like blood pressure to target pregnant women. A lot of women have gone on to lose their life with this disease but if you take proper precautions you can cope up with the same. Apart from blood pressure medication during pregnancy there are some helpful tips in coping up with this silent disease.

Keep away from stress

When you are expecting the first thing that you would need to keep in mind is to keep away from activities that force your veins to expand. Restrict yourself to small jobs and intense physical activities should be handed over to a housemaid. Ideally you would need to relax your mind so that you do not allow blood pressure to creep in.

Increase the intake of proteins and this is more during breakfast

Every time when you sit for breakfast add in 4 to 5 scrambled eggs to increase the amount of protein in your breakfast. As all of us are aware eggs are a vital source of protein and do help to repair any worn out tissue where infections could slip in with ease.


There is no substitute with regards to exercise. It is rated as one of the best ways to keep you during pregnancy. It is not that you would need to proceed to a gym as you can do exercise at your own home. The best form of exercise is walking as you could walk around your home or the coffee shop.

To conclude blood pressure could pose problems during the course of pregnancy. The key is early detection and treatment of the same. Hope the above mentioned tips pertaining to treatment of blood pressure would have been of immense help. Just forget the simplicity aspect and go all out in ensuring that it is fulfilled. The best part about the above mentioned remedies is that all of them follow a natural course of action and there is no form of side effects as well. Do keep away from stress on all counts.

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