Follow These 5 Steps To Get Perfect Wedding Flowers


Flowers are the most intimate part of the wedding arrangements and it is important to think carefully about how it will complement the shape of your wedding dress and your style. The enchanting beauty of flowers can make your wedding day special. There are lot of things that you need to consider while selecting flowers for your big day.

Choosing flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. You can consult the local florists or you can buy flowers from online stores. online flower delivered London provide you same day delivery too. So, if you want fresh flowers on your wedding day then you should visit online flower stores and order some. You should follow few steps to get the best flowers for your wedding.

  1. Find The Right Wedding Florist : Before you travel and start the meeting & greeting with the florists, you should first think about the types of person you can work well with. Ask yourself, do you want someone who’s going to grab the buds by the stems and can take control? Or are you looking for a person who wants you to direct them every step of the way? Or do you want a combination of both? You should talk to friends or relatives who have recently got married and find out who they used. If you find someone you aren’t aware of then, be sure to check out the company with the better business strategy where you can find out if anyone has had problems with them in the past.
  2. Consider Your Wedding Flower Budget : Before making any move, you should decide the wedding flower budget. Imagine, your eight percent of the total wedding cost will go to flowers from the bouquets and boutonnières to the function, reception decoration and cocktail party. At your very first meeting, ask straightly, what great arrangements can you do with some specific amount. And keep in mind that there are a lot of things you should consider so don’t be surprised if you end up spending more.
  3. Establish a Vision : You must have a general idea about your taste. Thus, you should establish your own vision, create your own identity by selecting awesome flowers and creating unique flower design.
  4. Consider Your Reception Site Specifics : Your reception venue works as a blank canvas for florists, in which they try to create their masterpieces. Is there any bright red wallpaper that is required to consider? Are you starting with a clean, empty idea that will need a lot of work? Thus, bring some sort of photos in case the florist has not worked before at your wedding venue and ask him/her to visit the site to get an idea of its size and style.
  5. You should create a wedding color concept : Don’t think about visiting a florist without knowing what your groomsmen, bridesmaids and moms are wearing. It is meaningless that you can not pick any flowers if you don’t know what colors will work. On another side, you will not know what colors your flowers come in without knowing which flowers you want. First, select the costume and then choose your ideal color shades and make a list of your favourite flowers and then you should see if your florist can accomplish the task or not.  

Finally, as the article suggested earlier that decoration is the most important part of any wedding. And decoration without flowers is not possible. Thus, choose the perfect flowers that can work as icing on the cake. Follow the above-listed five steps and get the perfect wedding flowers. Have a happy wedding!

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