How To Make A Promotional Video For Your Business With Movavi Video Suite


Many businesses use videos as a tool for promoting their products and making their brands known to prospective customers. If you just started an online business, you can create a video and upload it at the online video sharing site to let everyone know about what products you are selling. You only need to invest in a basic video editing software like Movavi Video Suite to create marketing videos for your business. You can use Movavi Video Suite to create product demonstration to demonstrate that your product works up to the claims you made on your website.


Movavi Video Suite has an easy to use screencast tool that allows you to create a promotional video in less than 30 minutes. Creating promotional screencast is the most affordable way to market your products. If you were to invest in the necessary video equipments, you will have to spend at least ten thousands dollars. Movavi Video Suite has a very affordable price tag and it is available in personal and business license.  

Screencast is the perfect way for you to make a video yourself to provide a walkthrough on your product and demonstrate how each features works. Screencast is great for developers to show off a new product, web app or game that they have just launched. You can select a recording region which is the area of the screen that the audience will see. You can launch the screencast recorder tool by clicking on the Record Screencast button on Movavi Video Suite.

When recording a screencast, you want to clear up your desktop so that there is no unnecessary applications open on the desktop. For example, if your desktop has a wallpaper that is distracting, you can remove it and replace it with a plain wallpaper. Any desktop icons that you don’t want the audience to see should be removed.

You must adjust the recording frame to the window size of the digital product such as software that you are recording. If you are creating screencast of a browser window, it is recommended that you enlarge the font size otherwise your audience won’t be able to see them clearly. You can connect your USB microphone and check the microphone setting to enable microphone recording.

With Movavi Video Suite, you can create promotional video by combining videos, screencasts and photos. You can use royalty free images or photos that you snap yourself with the camera to create your promotional videos. You can use Movavi Video Suite to capture as many videos as you need for creating the final video.

In Movavi Video Suite, you can also record yourself talking about your products or services on the webcam. To record a webcam video, you must click on the Record Video button. Finally, you will also want to add any audio track that you need for the video. You can add a background music that matches with your product theme in the video. If you make a podcast of a narrated script, you can also add it into the timeline.

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