Basic Parenting Guide: How To Choose A Child’s Car Seat


MUMS, pay attention, please! When you are shopping for a car seat, what would be your focal point? – safety, definitely. It’s every new mum’s concern to offer safety and protection to their little one. The car seat is a simple way to take the baby home from the hospital so making some investment on a baby car seat is undoubtedly, a savvy investment.


After testing various features, most of the mums prefer buying a maxi cosi car seat for their kids. On one side, mums suggest different models, new mothers and mother-to-be get confused on what they should select as there are endless choices with all-time and new features. But, on the top, every mummy wants to buy one that offers comfort & safety, both to their kid.

To lift all those mums up from the sea of the puzzle, here I share a few guidelines that every mum should read and share on: how to choose a car seat for a kid?….

  1. Before shopping, read your vehicle owner’s manual to see where the car seat should go and how it should be installed

To check out the manual will ensure a better buying experience. Car seats can be attached by using a seat belt or the LATCH system. So, before purchasing you can decide which one you want to use and then look for a seat based on how you want to install it. If you decide to use LATCH, ensure you know where the LATCH attachments are in your vehicle.

  1. Make sure you choose the right seat for your child’s weight, age, and height

Each car seat owner’s manual details include weight and height specification for the seat. Look at the general guidelines:

Rear-facing seats: Most of the researchers recommend, children should ride in rear-facing seats as long as possible. The old thinking is that a child is ready for a forward-facing seat when he becomes one year old and reaches 20 pounds. Height is actually the most important concern.

Forward-facing seats: children have to be at least 2 years old or have reached the maximum height or weight capacity of the car seat.

Booster seats: children should be above 40 pounds. Around 8 years of age, children may be ready to graduate to the adult seat belt used without a booster in the back seat of the car never the front seat.

  1. Check out, how much room you have in the back seat

You should also consider who’ll be sitting in the back seat. To answer your questions, just take car seat measurements before going to shop. Also, bring the measuring tape with you to the store to measure the base of the seats.

  1. Make the installation easy. Choose one that explains installation with a diagram and text

Use all those instructions mentioned in the booklet and the diagrams on the seat to get the best possible chance of installing the seat correctly. It’s a simple tip to all the expectant parents to install the car seat before it is time to bring baby at home from the hospital.

  1. Test the belt path and make sure it’s easily accessed and that the seat belt is properly secured and fastened

If you are installing the safety seat with the car’s seat belt then you’ll do so using the safety seat’s belt path. This will definitely keep the seat secure.

At last, parenting is actually an emotional job where parents become more conscious about their baby’s safety and comfort. Every parent wants to create safe & secure surroundings for their kid so that he/she can grow healthily. Stay happy! Treat them with care!….

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