Know Your Immigration Points Using Immigration Point Calculator


Are you thinking of moving to Australia and work as a skilled labor there. Well, before you get into this you need to enroll yourself into General skilled migration program and qualify for the visa. The visa is allotted to an individual based on different aspects and points i.e. skilled regional, skilled independent and skilled nominated. To make sure that you get visa to Australia you are required to earn sufficient points for application and visa.

Department of immigration and border protection

The department has a point system based on which individual is granted visa. For individuals to find out if they quality for visa or not they should use Australian student immigration points calculator and find out what are their chances. The points are calculated based on your answer to certain questions. The entry to visa is majorly opened to individuals who are young, skilled, qualified and intelligent. Let’s see below what all questions can have an impact on your points and chances of qualifying for visa.


Make a note that your age is going to make you earn or lose points. One of the basic requirements of becoming eligible for visa is you should be below the age of 50. Your age is going to earn points as follows;

  1. Age 45 to 49 years, 0 points for visa
  2. Age 40 to 44 years, 15 points
  3. Age 33 to 39 years, 25 points
  4. Age 25 to 32 years, 30 points
  5. Age 18 to 24 years, 25 points

Command on English language

An individual’s command over English language is again the deciding factor for acceptance or refusal of visa. For individuals who are superior, proficient or competent they are offered 20, 10 and 0 points respectively for visa. One should make a note that English language skill is measured using International English language testing system. There are four parts of the test i.e. speaking, reading, testing and writing. Nowadays, there are many institutes who provide the best IELTS courses. For being a superior one has to secure at least 8 points in each category, in case of proficient 7 for each category and in case of competent 6 in each category.

Skills possessed by an individual

If in case you are applying for skilled independent visa, then you might not be required to hold a sponsorship but your skill should be a part of the skilled occupation list. However for those who are applying for skilled regional, they should be in the SOL and also have to be sponsored by an Australian relative who is putting up in a designated area. If in case an Australian resident is not putting up, your job should be on the consolidated sponsored occupation list to gain 10 points for the visa.Above mentioned are some of the critical factors considering which points are calculated on the Australian immigration points’ calculator.

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