Priorities Given To Trains In Indian Railways


Transportation plays a crucial role in life. Whether you want to go to any other city or in another corner of the country, you can find different modes of transportation helping you. Amidst these options, trains are specifically extremely popular in India. You can find a huge number of populations making use of trains.

It is apparent to everyone that Indian Railways has one of the largest networks around the globe. The current operations cover twenty six states and three union territories across the nation. The fastest train in India is Gatimaan Express having a maximum speed of 160 km/h between Delhi and Agra. Below are the main priority trains of India.

Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express trains receive the maximum priority on the Indian railway network.  These are also among the fastest trains in India. These trains are fully air conditioned trains linking New Delhi with other capital cities of other states of India.These trains are like Mumbai Rajdhani Express, DibrugarhRajdhani Express and Howrah Rajdhani Express.

Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Express link up metro Indian cities with other close important cities and get second maximum priority on the network.  The Shatabdi Express trains cover over short distance and return to station of origin the same day itself. Whichever be the train, you can always make use of different services of railways like you can check PNR status, ticket availability and so on.And yes the Shatabdi expresses in India are like New Delhi HabibganjShatabdi Express, Lucknow New Delhi Shatabdi Express and Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi Express.

Duronto Express

Then talking about Duronto Expresses, these are a few stop long distance trains. These trains are run by the Indian Railways and connect main cities to other major cities.  These trains are equally fast as Rajdhani and Shatabdiexpress. These are counted among one of the fastest trains in India.There are Duronto trains like Pune Howrah Duronto Express, Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Express and Mumbai New Delhi Duronto Express.

Tejas Express

Tejas Express is one of the fastest trains in India and receives the highest priority on Indian railway network along with Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Gatimaan Express and Duronto Express. This train run at a normal speed of 130 km/h and its India’s first semi-high speed completely AC train having all the aircraft like features. These trains are like Mumbai CST – KarmaliTejas Express, New Delhi – Chandigarh Tejas Express and Lucknow Junction – AnandVihar Terminal Tejas Express.

GaribRath Express

GaribRath Express full air conditioned train was started by Indian Railways for long distance travel for passengers within reasonable cost.  GaribRath trains run on the highest speed of 130Kmph, suggestively slower than India’s high speed trains. These trains are like Pune Nagpur GaribRath Express, Sealdah Ranchi GaribRath Express and Jabalpur Mumbai GaribRath Express.

Double Decker Express

Double Decker Express possesses high priority and is considered among fast trains in the country. Howrah Dhanbad Double Decker Express was the foremost superfast Double Decker train of Indian Railways. It linked up Kolkata with Dhanbad. The names of these trains go like Howrah Dhanbad Double Decker Express, Goa Mumbai Double Decker Express and Mumbai Ahmedabad Double Decker Express.

So, how many of these trains have you travelled by so far?

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