How To Mine Monero On Windows Enabled Machine


If you are thinking of leveraging the time tested process of CPU mining to earn altcoins, then you should focus on Monero mining. Monero is also denoted as XMR and it is absolutely anonymous in nature making it a perfect choice for Windows based CPU mining.

Monero mining features

Monero mining price includes the cost of hardware and XMR stack software apart from the operating costs such as electricity bills. Computer and its associated hardware is a common possession at every household nowadays. Monero mining can be started simply by using standard PCs with GPU as well as CPU hardware.

Monero mining price is tightly controlled to a great extent since you need not invest in costly ASIC hardware periodically as it has a very short life. If you are trying to find out how to mine Monero on Window 10 or similar system, then you should have basic knowledge about hardware that supports software of XMR stack.

As far as mining of altcoin is concerned, one should prefer AMD video cards over Nvidia for higher performance and output. The XMR stack is designed for supporting GPU as well as CPU since you need software that allows use of both for greater hash output and better convenience.

It would be great if could lay your hands on Radeon Rx from AMD Vega series. The wide gap between demand and supply can be attributed to its scarcity. Initial running of the available machine can give you a basic idea about need for hardware upgrade.

Getting a Monero wallet

Even prior to mining XMR altcoins, one must have access to a specially created Monero wallet. The wallet facilitates storage of Monero cryptocurrency that would be generated by the process of mining. Depending on the level of Monero price, you can decide on exchanging or trading.

Since you would be using a Windows platform for Monero mining it is recommended to get the version of Windows 64 bit while downloading Monero wallet software from its official site.

After you have launched Graphic User Interface of Monero wallet, it would start the process of setup. At this point a user is supposed to create special ID for wallet. There are three options on the welcome page including opening of wallet file, wallet restoration, and creation of a new wallet.

Monero wallet should be further protected by securing with a very strong password. It must be noted that the password cannot be recovered via a standard process.

Final stages

Once you are done with password creation and wallet protection process, you will be extracting XMR-stak-CPU for Windows in the form of a zip file. The CPU cache should have enough capacity and cores to for running given number of threads. It would be better to halve the amount of cache and deduct one to arrive at exact number of threads to be used.

Editing the Config file requires modification of wallet address so the new wallet address created by you. In order to learn how to mine Monero on Windows machine one should be able to allow huge page loading before finally resetting the machine.

Now all you have to do is to access XMR Stak CPU folder and begin the process of mining. Monero mining price will depend on the pool fees and the cost of electricity in your area, please note.

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