Singapore Tourism Double In 10 Years And Now Supports 164,000 Jobs


Tourism throughout Southeast Asia has been on the rise over the last decade or so, but no Southeast Asian nation or destination has been able to capitalize on this flood of tourism the way that Singapore has been able to.

Far and away one of the most exciting, interesting, and attractive destinations throughout all of Southeast Asia, Singapore has been able to see its tourism rates double over the last 10 years – and the tourism industry throughout Singapore has been a huge benefactor of this rapid and exponential growth.

According to information published by the World Travel and Tourism Counsel, more than 164,000 new jobs have been created by the double tourism rates flooding Singapore these days, with the overall industry of tourism in Singapore growing to nearly $12.4 billion.

On top of that, this same report expects the tourism rate to Singapore to double again in just five short years – and early reports towards the end of 2017 show that this may have been a milestone that needs to be further accelerated, with the tourism rate doubling in just three short years if the pace continues.

The world average of tourism growth has been stuck at about 4% per year for more than 50 years, with growth in the Asia-Pacific region outpacing traditional tourism by nearly 1.8%. However, Singapore has enjoyed a much larger growth rate than that (as evidenced by the doubling over a decade), and industry and business experts believe a lot of this has to do with the active marketing relationship building that the Singapore government has moved forward with to bring more attention to this amazing global destination.

It isn’t at all difficult to describe Southeast Asia as a power destination for the tourism industry today, with millions of people all over the world flocking to Southeast Asia – and Singapore in particular – more so now than ever before.

Inexpensive airfare, luxury accommodations, increased and reliable security and safety, as well as some of the more unique cultural attractions found anywhere on the planet are really starting to drive tourism to Singapore and the rest of the region. The Singapore government has helped to foster a lot of the new focus and attention that Singapore is enjoying, but the business community throughout this city state has also helped to grow the tourism right to Singapore as well.

According to the report that names Singapore as one of the hottest tourism destinations in the world, tourism itself is a major driver of investment and economic growth – especially when we start to talk about the global economy itself.

Singapore has always seen itself as a very forward thinking kind of nation, with an eye on future development and long-term projects that will allow it to become one of the global leaders across all areas and aspects of influence. The tourism that they have helped to generate is allowing Singapore to capture the attention of the global elite in a way that they may not have been able to before, and it’s only going to help Singapore achieve the kinds of goals that they have established for themselves.

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