What To Check In Your Car Before Going For Roadworthy Inspection


If you are a car owner you realize the importance of keeping your car roadworthy at all times. It is not just in the interest of the road and environment but it is for your own interest. This means that your car should always be fit to drive. However, at times you will realize that you need to go for a roadworthy inspection of your car for vehicle registration renewal and so on. How do you ensure that this is roadworthy? Here are some of the points that will help you keep your car healthy for roadworthy inspection.

The ABC of your Car needs to be Right

Make sure that you consistently check the accelerator, brakes and clutch of your car for efficient functioning. These three things need to be in perfect condition at all times. Even a significantly small looking problem may result in the death of you and your family member or anyone on the road in difficult circumstances. In order to avoid accidents at all cost, you need to make sure that these three aspects are working smoothly. A jammed brake line could be fatal but it will never get passed the eyes of a trained person. So, you need to make sure that before the roadworthy inspection is due, you get all of these aspects checked.

Check the Engine Regularly

Engine is the heart of your car and it needs to be checked regularly. Check for the issues like overheating, oil leaks, and so on. If the pipes of stutters burst and your car stops frequently then it is time to get a mechanic looked thoroughly into your engine. If you take care of these minor aspects on a regular basis you can be sure to pass the roadworthy inspection test and get your roadworthy certificate. But the key here is to think ahead of time and meticulously take care of almost any issue.

Regular Test Wheels


This will include testing of all tires and spare wheel as well. You need to check for the alignment with steering wheel and is also not getting jammed during the drive. In order to make sure that the wheels meet manufacturers standard make sure that you regularly check air pressure in them. You need to repair or replace any tear or damage on the tire well before time. You need to do this to ensure that you car is safe and roadworthy. This will help to keep your car always roadworthy and will be less hassle during the inspection.

Check all Lights

We may not be so keen on checking whether all lights are functioning smoothly. But it is an important aspect especially if you want to get through the roadworthy inspection. The lights need to be undamaged and in working conditions at all times. Even if one of them is not working, you will be pulled aside by the cops and you may never pass a roadworthy inspection.

If you are not careful on what to look for in your car on a regular basis then the roadworthy inspection will only be another fire that you are trying to put off because you never really did care for your car. One of the important things here is to make sure that you regularly take care of your car and have a habit of keeping it in the best condition. This will help you to get the certificate. If you are not aware about a certain important part in the car it is best to take professional help and understand what is needed in it.

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