The Most Romantic Flowers In The World


The secret to a woman’s heart is not through designer hand bags or expensive jewellery: It is none other than a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Flowers are even today, the most romantic gifts of all.

Romantic Flowers

But to select the right flowers for your girlfriend or wife is a tough task. It is best to go in for flowers that have some meaning attached to it and present it with old fashioned chivalry that has never gone out of fashion. Women love flowers because you have invested your time to choose the blooms that are liked by them. You can use flower delivery Jaipur to arrange for a bouquet for a loved one.

Here is a list of top romantic flowers:


  • Red Roses: They are associated with love and romance, even down the last few centuries. You can choose a bunch or a single stem. Your choice will depend on what your lady likes. Roses have a mesmerizing fragrance. Roses are used to decorate special romantic dinners. A rose can be given ‘just because’ even when there is no occasion but to express your love.
  • Tulip: It is also a symbol of love. These fragile flowers are ideal springtime gifts. You can make a beautiful gift with different coloured tulips. But if you know her special colour, you can make her an even more special gift.
  • White Carnation: They symbolize fascination and love. They are easily grown and look perfect in full bloom. Some women prefer red shades but white is a universal favourite.
  • Hydrangea: They are graceful and lovely. They are an ideal way to express your love. Stems of hydrangea can be used to add volume to flower arrangements.
  • Daisy: It symbolizes love in its purest emotion and is a favourite with women when it is presented as a romantic gift.
  • Iris: This flower is traditionally associated with hope and faith but is also much appreciated as a romantic gesture. It can be added to any bouquet to add a touch of sincerity and beauty to it.
  • Orchid: It is perhaps the second most romantic flower behind the red rose as regards to the number of persons who purchase it for their loved ones.  The beauty of the orchid exudes the magic of love instantly.They are also used to enhance passion and seduction.
  • Lilacs: They symbolize the question-‘do you still love me?’ Hence, it is a great flower to re-affirm your love for your wife or partner.
  • Azalea: These lovely flowers express love and affection. They come in pastel shades as well as dark shades. They are a popular flower to gift your girlfriend when you are proposing marriage.
  • Gardenia: They are beautiful white flowers. They are mostly used to express your secret admiration for a person.
  • Cherry blossom: These tiny pink flowers are native to Japan and China. They have a sweet smell which is used to create body baths and creams. They represent a high standard of your feelings for a loved one.
  • Yellow daffodil: These brightly coloured yellow flowers are also symbols of luck. So not only can you express love, but also wish good luck to your lady.

These are some of the leading romantic flowers in the world. Any store that specializes in Jaipur flower delivery can help you select flowers to woo your loved ones. If some flowers are not available in Jaipur, they can arrange an import of flowers.

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