Use Of Ear Piece In Exams


Exams can be already hard enough as it is but sometimes due to excessive stress and too much information overload, students have a hard time studying for exams, given the fact that they take in new information on a daily basis. Sometimes, too much information can cause their brains to shut down and in turn, can be quite difficult for them to store new information, even if they wanted to.

This can become pretty difficult especially when there are upcoming exams since no matter how hard they try and study, nothing really registers in their brains. Sometimes, with moments like these, don’t you wish that somehow there is a way on how to cheat on a test without getting detected like use high tech gadgets similar to what spies use such as an ear piece that is relatively undetectable so they can get fed with the information they need without having to study and without getting caught as well.

How to use ear piece in exams? 

In cheating for exams, there are of course a lot of different techniques developed over time by desperate students who are in need of a passing grade. While there are a lot of techniques, some of these techniques won’t actually work in every situation as well as other techniques might be riskier than others.

One of the most popular cheating methods is the use of a cell phone and traditional headphones that usually come with it. This technique usually requires the use of a jacket to hide the headphones in and can be quite risky especially if the temperature finds no need to wear a jacket, wearing it would only generate suspicion.

Of course there are also more traditional techniques that have stood the test of time and have proven to be very effective time and time again, of course this doesn’t apply for every situation. Traditional techniques such as hidden paper notes which are very tiny or writing on the opposite side of the water bottle label to conceal the cheat sheet are often used and can be quite effective when executed properly.

Of course these cheating techniques come with various levels of risk as to how often these techniques are considered to be a success.

0% risk, 100% success rate 

Probably the only technique that offers 0 chance of getting caught as well as a 100% success rate is by going James Bond and employing the use of high tech spy gadgets such as the ear piece. Using the earpiece in an exam situation will not only guarantee passing grades but also guarantee that the person using it will never get caught since it’s virtually undetectable.

It usually works by of course, placing the ear piece first then connecting a transmitter via Bluetooth to your cell phone and simply making a call to the source of information aka the command center. One can also talk to the receiver without getting noticed since the transmitter also doubles as very sensitive microphone usually hidden in plain sight and designed as regular eyeglasses.

Exams are very important for a student and sometimes they find themselves needing to pass the exam, the drive to pass an exam as well as employing modern methods and gadgets for cheating that is virtually undetectable is often used. No wonder why these ear pieces are popular among students.

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