Online Proctoring Software: A Better And Secure Way To Assess The Employees


It is a computer based assessment for various fields such as education, health, psychiatric, psychological and various fields. They use online network to these tests. The various types of online assessments are pre – testing, formative assessments, summative assessments, practice testing, surveys, evaluations, performance testing, digital videos, and animations technologies.

For doing this online proctoring software, the user needs to install the software on their desktop or laptop. On the starting of the exam, the applicant needs to confirm his identity through facial recognition or through password given to him. After completion of the exam, the assessment is evaluated and ranking is given to the applicants according to their performance.

Benefits of online assessments to companies


Easy access to all

Both the learners and instructors can easily perform their respective tasks. The instructors can evaluate the students by simply knowing the performance in the exam rather than traditional correction of papers. The students can write the exam from their home or at any assigned centres where they write the exam on a computer. Even the person with disabilities can be served with these online tests.

Keeping in pace with technology

These tests can help the participants to keep track with technology and help them to improve the standards. This helps the organization to keep in touch with the customers and assess their employees in less time.

Easy online verification

The online softwarehelps the companies to easily verify the candidates who are writing the exam or performing the work. The customers and the employee verification is done in less time which helps the organization to work more efficiently.

Reduced costs

These tests reduce the costs for institutions as there is no need for the candidates to come to the exam centres. The companies need not assign a special person for the invigilation. This helps the organization to invest in other areas where there is a need.

Academic dishonesty

It is also known as cheating or copying in the exam. It can be copied from another person, or article or media. These can be avoided by these tests. The candidate can be monitored individually. This improves the quality of the candidate and helps the organization to identify the potential candidates for the job or take the contract.

Less time consumption

The online exams take less time to access more candidates.  The employees or customers can be easily tested and their performance is evaluated, can be improved where ever needed.

Easy assessment

The test on online can be easily assessed, as the correction is done by computer. This avoids the long process of traditional correction. This assessment is also done fast, accurate and effortlessly. The scope of partiality is reduced since the correction is done online. The weak areas of the employee or the candidate can be known easily and improved.

Therefore, online software are used by companies and businesses to assess the skills of new hiring or employees or others which help the organization to improve its position in the market and give a tough competition to the competitors.

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