Why People Have A Liking Towards Touching A Pregnant Belly


It is a sweet feeling when your husband goes on to touch your pregnant belly and then spells out something sweet. But things totally get out of control when total strangers walk up to you and touch your pregnant belly as if a genie would pop out and grant all your wishes. It is all the more unpleasant as they feel that man touching pregnant woman’s belly is ok. This is a token of appreciation that the pregnancy is accepted. Worse is that most of them do not even bother to ask others where touching their belly is ok. If they ask you whether you would mind them touching your pregnant belly it is a totally different feeling.


Why do people have a strong inclination to touch pregnant belly?

The reasons are many. The main reason of it is that people may be of the opinion that a pregnant woman may like it. In case of some others they would feel the baby moving or kicking. In case of others it could be a way of showing support. Whatever be the reason belly touches should take note of the fact that if someone is not comfortable they should not touch it.

Would it be ok for strangers to touch your pregnant belly?

If you are ok with it then there is no harm. You can go right ahead and do enjoy all the pampering. As long as the lady does not have any problem it is ok for someone to touch the pregnant belly of a lady once in a while. On the other hand if you are not uncomfortable you have all the right in the world to say don’t touch my pregnant belly. Just because you are pregnant it does not mean that you are a public property.

How could you go on to prevent total strangers from touching your pregnant belly?

There is no sure shot formula that a stranger is not going to touch your pregnant belly. Let us look forward to some suggestions that women have provided

Keep your guards up

The next time you step on to a public place you would need to keep the guards up. You can pretty much figure out if the person in front of you is coming over to touch your pregnant belly. Just take note of the fact that if someone is staring at you and coming your way just stay away. There is no need to be rude to a stranger by moving away

Guarding your belly

Most times if both your hands are kept on the belly, then the stranger is going to have no place to touch. This is when a stranger does walk up to you. If you drop your guards down and move your hands the stranger does go on to get an opportunity.

To conclude, be aware of the fact that it is your belly and no one can forcefully touch it. You can say a firm no.

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